Kathy Edwards-Tubbs

Bio: When I first started Plexus in January 2013, I was over 200 pounds, and I’m only 5 feet tall, so that’s pretty heavy. I don’t even know what size I was because I wore sweats all the time … probably a size 20 if I had to guess. I was exhausted, my joints hurt every day, I was depressed, and my self-esteem was shot. I decided to try Plexus out of total desperation. I didn't "believe" in all natural weight loss products—in fact, I usually rolled my eyes at the thought—and I really didn’t think Plexus would work. But I really needed something to work for me, and I had just reached a point of “why not.” Well, I lost 14.5 pounds in the first two weeks, and even though I thought it was too good to be true, there it was. I knew I wouldn't keep losing at that rate, but those 14 pounds were better results than I'd gotten from anything else, such as counting calories, points, and trying different diets. I also found that my pain was gone (didn’t see that coming!), and my moods improved considerably. I had hope again, not only that I might lose some more weight, but that I might have found some way to reduce my pain. My initial goal was to lose 40 pounds, which I have done. Now, I've reset my goal to lose another 40 pounds. I didn't think the first 40 was possible, and now I KNOW without a doubt I can accomplish the next 40. I thought my best years physically were already behind me. Now, I'm convinced that my best years are ahead. And that's thanks to Plexus. NONE of these lifestyle changes would have been possible for me without it. I was in too much pain, and I was a slave to food cravings. Plexus changed those two things for me, which allowed me to make the rest of the changes that I needed to make. I would be willing to bet everything I’ve got that if I had NOT been using Plexus for all of 2013, I would have come into 2014 sicker, more depressed, and probably weighing 40 pounds more rather than 40 pounds less. These are my favorite tips (right now … I’m still learning!) for taking advantage of Plexus to create a healthier lifestyle: 1. Think of what you can add to your life, don't focus so much on what you're giving up. Every Sunday, think of one thing you can do in the coming week to improve your diet and one thing you can do to get your body moving. Start with something smallish. One of my new ambassadors said she could add yogurt and 20 minutes of yoga a day three times a week. That's perfect! Do that for a week, and then the next week, think of what else you can add. Remember that you're making a lifestyle change. You're not reversing the course of your life starting with a 10-mile run at five o-clock in the morning. You're just moving forward from where you are right now. One thing I've learned about Plexus people is that if you put the word "challenge" out there, they're all in. So in my nutrition camp, I made a "salad challenge." Just replace one meal a day with salad, and try to eat salad when you feel like having a snack. See what I did there? I didn't say to take anything away. I just suggested something healthy to add. And when you add enough healthy, the unhealthy goes away. There just isn't room for it anymore. The desire for it gradually goes away, too, believe it or not. I have finally reached the point where you could put a platter of bread in front of me and I wouldn't be tempted in the least. There are just too many other good things to eat that won't hurt me and make me bloated and fat. It's like I've finally put my hand on that hot stove enough times to learn the lesson. 2. Do some research. Find out what the most common food allergies are and what the symptoms are. Try to connect the dots with how you feel after you've eaten. Do you feel light, satisfied, and energized? Or do you go straight into a food coma? Remind yourself when you feel bad after eating: This is NOT normal. Make note of what you ate and pay attention the next time you eat that particular food. I figured out a long time ago when I worked in a corporate setting that if I had a sandwich for lunch, I would be asleep at my desk around 3 pm. I didn't know anything about gluten then, I just knew that sandwiches did that to me. You probably already know a lot more than you realize, but if you're chalking it up to normal, then you're not looking for ways to solve it. I am absolutely fascinated by all this now. It's like this ongoing puzzle that never ends. If you love puzzles like I do, this will become fun for you, not so much torture. 3. Move your body. Pick something you like to do. For Drew and me, it's yoga. Sometimes I like to walk, depending on the weather, I don't like to run anymore, sometimes I'm in the mood for Zumba, usually I'm not. Just pick something you like because if you're dreading it, you probably won't do it. In the case of yoga, I'm not burning mad calories when I do it, but I am building strength, which will increase my muscle mass, which will speed up my metabolism, which will burn mad calories. The key is to move and to move regularly. And the cool thing is that the more you move, the more you feel like moving, and the more you want to move. 4. Try to take field trips to new grocery stores. Whole Foods, Sprouts, even the Farmer's Market. If you live in a small town, shop online for non-perishables that can be shipped to your house. Go where the produce and the healthy foods are really pretty and appealing. Like I've said, I’m a total sucker for pretty food, and if the marketing studies I've read are correct, most people are, too. Look for pretty foods, make your plate pretty. Take pictures of it for Facebook or Instagram. Whatever makes it feel more like a treat and less like deprivation. 5. Do check yourself with calorie counting and your overall food breakdown with myfitnesspal or another similar app. Load it all in there and see what you're really up to. We have those mind tricks we play on ourselves like calories don't count when we eat standing at the refrigerator. Honesty will unlock a lot of secrets about why you're not losing weight. 6. Find an accountability partner if you can, preferably someone who’s using Plexus and is going through the same process that you are. Find someone to lead you, find someone you can lead, find someone who you’re on even footing with. Just don’t try to go it alone. This may help more than you realize. 7. Consistency matters. I always forget to say this because I assume everyone knows, but using your Plexus products consistently every day is extremely important and is the foundation for everything I’ve said! My husband used to work construction, and if you know Drew, you know he's very picky about every. little. thing. Including the tools and materials he uses. He's the biggest tool snob I've ever seen. But you know what? He chooses the right tools for the job, and the results show it. And if we want results that show a job well done, we've got to use all the right tools. Start with Plexus Slim, add water water water, eat as clean as you can, and get your body moving. You WILL see results! Feel free to join my nutrition group on Facebook: Pink-Powered Nutrition Camp Testimonials appearing on this site are not affiliated with Plexus Worldwide Inc. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services. ** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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